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eBook Publication

Whether you are rushing to publishing your ebook or looking to bring back an older title in digital format, our ebook creation services will get you there. 

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Book Cover Design

Cover creates the first impression of the book. Presence or absence of an attractive cover can make the different between whether or not your book will be picked up for reading.

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Want a thorough editing of the text to ensure good readability and professional finish? Or a round of proof-reading to ensure that no mistakes are left in the manuscript. Our editing services are there for you.

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Extended Online Distribution

Reach out to a wider audience through Online Distribution Service. Online distribution makes your book available through major Indian online retailers like Flipkart &

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Formatting services ensure that the interior of your book looks beautiful in print and has good readability. eg PhD Thesis, article, book etc.

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Print on Demand

Even you can print one copy of your book any time at author cost. Also providing print on demand for Journals 

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